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Featured Products

Nurofen cold and flu non drowsy tablets

Normally: 3.25
Our Price: 2.92

Elastocrepe Bandage Pink 5.0cm   1

Normally: 3.97
Our Price: 3.57

care essentials finger bandage

Normally: 2.54
Our Price: 2.30

Lubrisil D.T. Male 14ch 10ml (D175814E) 1

Normally: 16.74
Our Price: 15.06

Clairol Nice

Normally: 4.38
Our Price: 3.94

Micropore Surgical Tape 50mm x 5m

Normally: 2.84
Our Price: 2.49

Stayform Bandage 15cm 5683   6

Normally: 8.08
Our Price: 7.27

Opsite Plus Adhesive Film Dressing 8.5cm x 9.5cm 66000761

Normally: 31.32
Our Price: 27.99

Clairol Nice

Normally: 4.38
Our Price: 3.94

Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System Cucumber

Normally: 12.99
Our Price: 9.99

Dog Oil for massaging

Normally: 2.03
Our Price: 1.83

PTFE-Catheter (D1265 LV Size 12)

Normally: 4.72
Our Price: 4.25

Day & Night Nurse

Normally: 4.58
Our Price: 4.13

Colgate total toothpaste

Normally: 1.49
Our Price: 1.29

Henara Treatment Wax

Normally: 3.05
Our Price: 2.75

Galpharm vision brightening eye drops

Normally: 1.52
Our Price: 1.32

Easigrip E.T.B. E Size 0.5m   1

Normally: 1.34
Our Price: 1.21

Pasante Desire Rescue Pack Condoms

Normally: 1.52
Our Price: 1.37

Jelonet 5cm x 5cm 7403

Normally: 19.89
Our Price: 17.90

HealthAid Day-vit active multivitamin & mineral 30 tablets

Normally: 8.16
Our Price: 6.53

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