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Straight and combable hair for up to 24 hours without straightening irons. Anti-Frizz effect for rebellious, frizzy hair.

RRP £2.05
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Its rich and luxurious formula improves hair condition after just one treatment and contains restorative proteins which intensively target dry, damaged and coloured hair, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturised. A nourishing blend of anti-ageing properties, Optical Brighteners and Keratin helps to rebuild hair and protect its structure for healthier hair that radiates with shine.
Silver Nourish Conditioner has been professionally designed for grey, white or platinum blonde hair to provide daily hydration to repair dull and damaged hair and restore moisture, softness and shine.


Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner is suitable for all hair types but is specially formulated to help prevent dry, dull hair.

RRP £2.34
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Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner helps to nourish hair and visibly repair damage and so hair looks healthy and strong.

RRP £2.85
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Intenseley hydrating hair repair treatment. Restores moisture and adds shine. Nature's answer to dry hair.

RRP £3.05
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Lightens dark hair on face, arms, body and brow. Not tested on animals.

RRP £4.49
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Normal lasting perm for normal hair, new improved formula with extra softening conditioner. Conditioning foam perm: Poly style foam perm offers you an easy way to create long lasting, beautifully conditioned curls or waves. It is suitable for all healthy untreated hair.

RRP £6.39
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Conditioning foam perm Long lasting perm for dry / colour treated hair. New and Improved Formula with Extra Softening Conditioner. 

RRP £6.39
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