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With its extra rich emollient and moisturising properties, makes it easy to condition cuticles and smooth away dry, ragged edges. It helps to reduce hang nails, promote nail growth and keep cuticles soft and pliant.

Flexitol Cuticle & Nail Cream softens & conditions cuticles

Conditions cuticles

Helps to reduce hang nails

Promotes nail growth

RRP £4.34
Save £0.27

Nutra Nail has added Calcium, Potassium and Sea Salt, essentials from nature, to this unique growth formula that goes on clear and instantly infuses short, dehydrated nails with all they need to help them grow long and beautiful. Plus this water-based formula hydrates nails to the optimal condition for growth. Short, brittle nails are fortified and longer in just days! 

RRP £7.99
Save £1.00

Revitalize and beautify unattractive minutes.

RRP £13.26
Save £1.32

Nutra Nail Power Gel Nail Hardening System helps to harden your nails without causing any damage. This system comes in the form of an activator and gel combined together. It can seal, harden and protect your nails in an easy manner. Besides hardening your nails, this hardening system also makes the surface of your nails suitable for applying color.

•Easy to apply
•Works within minutes
•Long lasting action

RRP £16.99
Save £2.55