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For the treatment of fungal (and other microbial) infections.
Brand may vary.

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Canesten Dual Action 1% w/w Cream is both an anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial. The active anti-fungal ingredient clotrimazole works to eradicate the fungi that causes your athlete’s foot, while the anti-bacterial gets rid of the bacteria that can cause your feet to smell.

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A non-greasy, non-staining cream for the relief of itching and skin irritation. Stops itching fast, works for up to 10 hours. Treats Itchy dermatitis; dry eczema; allergic rashes; hives; nettle rashes; chickenpox; insect bites & stings; heat rashes; sunburn & personal itching

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Mycota powder contains undecylenic acid 2% and zinc undecylenate 20% and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of Athlete’s Foot. The customer should be advised to wash and dry the affected areas and apply Mycota Powder in the morning and evening (preferably after using Mycota Cream). Treatment should continue for one week after all evidence of infection has cleared.

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Lamisil® Cream is formulated to ease the discomfort caused by the symptoms of athlete's foot (tinea between the toes) while actively fighting the infection. The soothing qualities of this cream formulation are well suited for inflamed and tender areas, and for dry, scaly or cracked infected skin. Unlike many anti-fungal treatments Lamisil® Cream needs only one daily application for 7 days to effectively eliminate athlete's foot.

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Fast, effective relief from fungal infections.

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The active ingredient in Daktarin Aktiv is Miconazole nitrate 2% w/w. This Daktarin Aktiv cream also helps to relieve the soreness and inflammation caused by Athlete's Foot. Directions: Adults and children: wash area and dry well before using Daktarin Aktiv. Apply Daktarin Aktiv cream twice daily for up to 10 days after all signs of infection have disappeared. Wash hand thoroughly after application to avoid re-infection.


Daktarin Cream Miconazole Nitrate 2% is a topical treatment for infections on the skin, nails, hands, feet, outer ears, trunk, or scalp. It contains the active ingredient Miconazole which destroys fungi and bacteria that cause infection, also gives you an external treatment for fungal infections. It contains the active ingredient Miconazole and can be used for treating skin or nail infections caused by yeast and bacteria.

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Scholl's Athlete's Foot powder, with its active ingredient, Tolnaftate 1% w/w, is clinically proven to destroy athlete's foot fungi, prevent reinfection, and relieve itching. It is indicated for treating and preventing Athlete's foot. 

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The Canesten Bifonazole Once Daily Cream effective treatment provides relief from itching and redness and should be continued for 2-3 weeks. The active ingredient penetrates deep into your skin, so the cream has to be applied only once daily to treat the infection.

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Daktarin Aktiv Cream is for the treatment of athlete's foot.Apply to infected area twice daily until the lesions are healed.Hypersensitivity to the active substance(s), other imidazole derivatives or to any of the excipients are not to be used on hair infections, nail infections or broken skin.

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Lamisil® Spray is a convenient form of tinea treatment that allows application without the need to touch the infection. It is easy to apply in hairy areas. The spray can be operated with the container upside down, allowing easy access to hard-to-reach places. Lamisil® Spray is an ideal solution for people with limited mobility, and because it spreads well and dries quickly, it is also an excellent option for treating large areas.

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Lamisil® DermGel® is non-greasy and dries quickly. It is designed to provide cooling relief from the symptoms of tinea while actively fighting the infection.The gel formulation is suitable for use on a variety of common fungal conditions, but as it is easy to apply to hairy areas, it is well suited to treat jock itch (tinea cruris). It is also an excellent choice if large areas of the body need treatment.

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Daktacort Hydrocortisone Cream for the treatment of inflamed athlete's foot and sweat rash Daktacort HC Cream triple action provides antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory treatment.

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Daktarin Gold Cream works in the outer layer of the skin to treat fungal infection. This enables it to directly target the fungal infection that causes athlete's foot. Even after just one week of treatment, the active ingredient continues to work for weeks and weeks to help keep you free from athlete's foot. Research indicates that the effects of Daktarin Gold lasts for up to eight weeks from the start of the one week treatment.

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A non-greasy, non-staining cream for the relief of itching and skin irritation caused by itchy dermatitis, dry eczema, allergic rashes, hives, nettle rashes, chickenpox, insect bites & stings, heat rashes, sunburn & personal itching. Stops itching fast, works for up to 10 hours

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Daktarin Aktiv Cream is for the treatment of athlete's foot. Apply some cream to the lesions two times daily. Rub the cream into the skin with your finger until it has fully penetrated. If the powder is used with the cream, a once daily application of both formulations is recommended.

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Canesten Thrush External Cream relieves irritation of the vulva which is caused by vaginal thrush. If you’re suffering from symptoms such as itching and soreness, this effective double strength thrush cream provides relief so you can get on with your day. 
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For fungal infections. Generic so brand may vary.

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Clotrimazole 100mg Pessary for the treatment of vaginal candidiasis (Thrush)

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Fluconazole is used to treat vaginal yeast infections. It works by stopping the growth of common types of vaginal yeast (fungus). This medication belongs to a class of drugs called azole antifungals. can also treat Skin Infection marked by Ulcers - Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Medications,Candidiasis Fungal Infection of the Oropharynx Medications and Presence of Candida Species Yeast in the Blood Medications
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Lamisil Once® is a unique anti-fungal product that requires just one application to treat athlete's foot (tinea pedis interdigitalis). It is convenient and has the shortest treatment time of any tinea treatment product available. Lamisil Once® is easy to use – after spreading the formula on the skin, an invisible film forms. The film allows the active ingredient to continuously fight the fungal infection over an extended period of days.

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Canesten Cream provides soothing relief from the irritation caused by fungal infections.

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Canesten Thrush Pessary is a single application treatment for vaginal thrush. It is a convenient, single dose thrush treatment which works right at the site of the infection. The pack contains a single pessary with applicator to treat the cause of vaginal thrush in one go. 
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Canesten Dermatological Spray is a cooling spray that is applied directly to the skin to treat fungal skin infections such as ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch and fungal sweat rash and is particularly useful for infections covering large, hairy or hard to reach areas.

The active ingredient in Canesten Dermatological Spray is clotrimazole, an antifungal agent which fights the cause of fungal skin infections. 

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Canesten Thrush Internal Cream is an effective single dose treatment for vaginal thrush. It is a vaginal cream in a pre-filled applicator which goes straight to the site of the infection to clear it. Those of us suffering from intimate dryness may prefer this format.

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Allpresan® diabetic Foam Cream INTENSIVE is a medical device for the specific treatment of very dry to chapped skin in patients with diabetes mellitus. Its special properties also make it suitable for the treatment of wound edges. Allpresan® diabetic Foam Cream INTENSIVE promotes the healing process and supports recovery of the damaged skin barrier.

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Balance Activ Vaginal Gel has a formula that restores and preserves the natural pH balance in your vagina which will help to moderate any unpleasant odours you may be experiencing and also relieves abnormal discharge and discomfort. This gel contains lactic acid which preserves the natural pH balance of the vagina to prevent embarrassing conditions such as BV.

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Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray creates an effective, easy-to-apply and safe invisible barrier against the contraction of verrucas, athlete’s foot, nail fungus during 8 hours of barefoot activity. Product features: Creates an invisible barrier like an ‘invisible sock’, Protects during and after barefoot activity, Dries instantly Active 8-hour protection, even after exposure to moist
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Galpharm Single Dose Thrush Treatment is indicated for the treatment of vaginal candidiasis, acute or recurrent. It may also be used for the treatment of partners with associated candidal balanitis. 

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