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bioXtra Moisturising Oral Gel is a Saliva Substitute which Provides immediate, long-lasting relief of dry, sore or sensitive mouths, especially at night by: Lubricating dry oral surfaces, helping keep gums moist and comfortable, promoting the pH necessary for a healthy, clean mouth, supplementing and activating saliva's natural defence mechanisms and aiding denture.

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Ither features:
• Unflavoured
• Contains a high percentage or purified water
• Formulated with xylitol, salivary enzymes and colostrum extract
• Promotes undisturbed sleep
• Recommended for use under dentures
• Safe for diabetics

Dry Mouth
What is dry mouth?
The importance of saliva is often overlooked. Only when it is lacking do we recognize the fundamental role our saliva plays in maintaining our quality of life.

Most of us may experience a temporary dry mouth at sometime without any ill effects.

However, any persistent alteration in salivary gland function may create a decrease in the quantity or quality of your saliva. This lack of saliva can be referred to as 'dry mouth' or, in medical terms, 'Xerostomia'.

When there is a prolonged lack of saliva we may feel thirsty more often, our mouth may feel uncomfortable and we may experience bad breath or difficulties in chewing and swallowing dry foods. For many of us, we may not be able to pinpoint the source of the discomfort; yet we feel that something is not quite right.

The 'dry mouth' condition is considerably more prevalent than commonly recognized.

Research has suggested that as many as 1 in 5 adults will suffer the effects of 'dry 'mouth' at some time.

Causes of Dry Mouth
The causes of 'dry mouth' are varied:

Short-term or temporary 'dry mouth' can be caused by taking medication. Around the world there are over 1800 commonly prescribed medicines listing 'dry mouth' as a side effect.
Long-term or irreversible 'dry mouth' can be due to medical treatments (radiotherapy, head & neck surgery..) or autoimmune disorders (Sjögren's Syndrom).

Anyone experiencing a prolonged lack of saliva should consult a doctor or dentist as a dry mouth may be an indication of a more serious problem requiring treatment.

Consequences of 'Dry Mouth'
Apart from the discomfort and inconvenience of a lack of saliva, regular or constant 'dry mouth' will inevitably lead to a gradual deterioration in the condition of your teeth and gums, increased plaque, dry, cracked lips, an inability to taste your food properly, a persistent bad breath and, in some cases, a feel of burning in your mouth.

Denture wearers may also notice that their dentures become less comfortable and difficult to keep in place due to the lack of mouth moisture.

At night, the discomfort of a dry mouth may cause you to waken frequently.

The severity of the symptoms will vary from person to person. Nevertheless, the combination of these symptoms in addition to the difficulty in performing all the normal day-to-day functions of the mouth can severely affect your enjoyment of life.

How to manage the Symptoms and Effects of 'Dry Mouth'?
Chewing sugar-free gum or sucking sugar-free sweets can help to stimulate the flow of your own saliva so that your mouth can benefit from its natural anti-bacterial protection.

You may also achieve momentary relief by sipping water or using an artificial saliva spray or a refreshing mouthwash.

If you are suffering with chronic 'dry mouth' these measures will only provide temporary relief from the feeling of dryness.

Unfortunately, there are very few products on the market which provide a feeling of sustained moisture and lubrication - so important if you are suffering with 'dry mouth'. Similarly, few can clean, refresh and protect your mouth as effectively as your own saliva.


Saliva Flow, Oral General Problems,




Apply to gums and tongue whenever mouth feels dry especially at night, or under dentures. Repeat as necessary.


Moisturisers, Oral enzymes, Colostrum extract.

Also contains traces of milk protein extract and egg white proteins.


Safe for diabetics
Contains very small traces of milk and eggwhite proteins.

If you are unsure about the condition of your health and the appropriate treatment, always speak to a medical professional. All content on this website is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as professional medical advice. Always read the product label and instructions prior to using any product.

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